Class & Teaching Resources

Past class study guides, materials and slides for your edification created by members of this congregation and free to use and distribute without attribution. The (#) number in parentheses indicates the number of lessons.

These are study aids only, and as such could potentially unintentionally contain error. Never substitute man-made study material for the inspired Word of God.

(* denotes materials that can be purchased through Amazon as a book)


Bible Book Studies



(28 lessons)



(28 lessons)



(9 lessons)


Old Testament Survey

(12 lessons)



(14 lessons)



(13 lessons)



(13 lessons)


 Bible Subject Studies

Ready with an Answer

(14 lessons)


False Doctrines Today*



Public Service



Holy Spirit

(5 lessons)


Godly Warriors 

(8 lessons, Men's Study)


Abstain from Evil

(13 lessons)


Making Good Decisions

(11 lessons, Young Adult)


Kingdom of Heaven

(13 lessons)


Prayer and Fasting

(13 lessons)




All class material is copyrighted to the Sunset church of Christ and Brian Haines.

Permission is granted to reprint & distribute without attribution.



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